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iL Verify Asset & Work Tracking Apps Special 100


iL Verify Apps – Account for things outside of Accounting

iL Verify uses Smartphone and RFID technology to do:

  • Inventory Tracking – Assign Equipment, maintenance and movement so you always know where your assets are.
  • Delivery Tracking – GPS history and data of every delivery with an Uber like feel for you and your customer.
  • Service Orders – Customer or Employee generated service requests with real time progress updates and complete history
  • Time Clock Tracking – Get GPS accuracy on all employee time for payroll and jobs for tax filing purposes. Eliminate the headache of guessing how much time an employee spent in each municipality.

This system accounts for things outside your accounting software.  Verify where things are and that work is getting done.

All modules are in 1 easy to setup App on your device and designed for multiple users in a company to share information in real time from your phone, tablet or desktop.


The first 100 businesses to contact us at 888-959-6876 x 102 will be grandfathered in at a special price and included in our advisory group for future features.

Grab this PDF link for more pics and action.


Home Inventory App a must for Proof of Insurance

If you have homeowners insurance or renter insurance, the first thing your agent tells you is that you need a list (with pictures) of all your assets and then take it offsite.

The list is proof if they are stolen.  Keep it offsite in case of fire or another disaster.

The iL Verify App (ilverify.com) for your Android or Iphone is free for personal use and can save you in times of trouble.  The App is designed to track your assets and a bunch more including GPS if you want it.  Get out the video below.

Learn how to protect your personal assets at ilverify.com or download ilverify from your app store on your phone or tablet.

Protect your home or personal assets for free before a disaster occurs.